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Motorcycle Camping Video
Trailer Camping

A two week journey! It started in New Bedford, Ma. USA up to Niagra Falls, Canada, and across southern Canada to Quebec. The next step was back down through New Hampshire to New Bedford, Ma. This was the expedition, on which this small segment was video taped.

This day I recorded some information about pulling a trailer.

Consider the weight of the bike and trailer, and the size of the motorcycle engine.
It is also about tent camping, and considering the size of the tent, and the purpose for which you want to use it.

There are tips about bearing grease for trailer hubs; use bearing buddies to force grease into the bearings with a sprung gasket as you drive along.

Too much weight and or underinflated tires can lead to disaster

Choice of tents. For a quick set up, a smaller tent is usually easier.
Refer to the tent page on this site. For a longer stay in one place, try a larger tent that is more comfortable. It's worth the extra set-up effort.