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Tow a Motorcycle With You With a Tow-Ster

There are several ways to begin to approach the idea of bringing a motorcycle with you when you drive a car, an RV, or travel trailer.
This is a good method to hawl a bike after a breakdown or for a quick pickup and tow job.
I like the simplicity involved in using the product.
There might be important information to know about the product so read all manuals etc.

Starting with an affordable and simple method, the Tow-Ster.

You can buy one from
This is for motorcycles weighing in at 600 pounds or less.

This costs under $400.00 and is easy to assemble. It uses a 2" hitch.

The front tire is loaded onto the device and then the bike is strapped on properly.

The rear wheel stays on the road. There may be requirements to follow for towing the bike.

Then you remove and stow the small loading ramp and away you go.

It's weight carrying ability is based somewhat on your hitch's receiver tongue weight:

Weight Limits

Cat 1 Tongue Weight 200 lbs. lets us use up to a bike weight of 300 lbs.

Cat 2 Tongue Weight 350 lbs. - You can hawl a bike that weighs up to : 520 lbs.

Cat 3 Tongue Weight 500 lbs. - your motorcycle shouldn't weigh more than 600 lbs.