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Swivel-Wheel Trailers  

Swivel-Wheel Single wheeled trailer

As you can see in the image the Honda Goldwing, which is a heavy bike, is sitting easily on the single wheeled SW-58 trailer. This is from

The trailer is hitched to the back of the vehicle using a specific spaced out double hitch that keeps it upright although it has a single wheel.  It is 5 feet long and 8 feet wide and can carry 1075 pounds. There are smaller versions, as well. There are options for hitch configurations.

You can drive around with the vehicle hooked up to the trailer as if there is nothing there other than the length that was added. Reverse with out a jack-knife!

That is the big reason that I am interested in the trailer as I have a huge 39 foot motorhome and want to carry my Goldwing around on it without a trailer that could jack-knife.

The deck height on this single wheel version is 25 1/5 inches it has jack stands ot stabilize the platform when unhitched with a load still on it. It can be flipped up and locked to reduce unneccesary space when not in use.
 There also is a Swivel-Wheel DW whcih is a double wheeled version.

 See this video to learn more about the product.  Other companies are using the “Swivelwheel” , or “Swivel Wheel” names to gain more business.Be aware that the Swivelwheel name was de-veloped by Fast Master Products, Inc. the only manufacturer of the SWIVELWHEEL system.

Swiveling Wheeled double wheeled trailer

This double wheeled trailer does the same job as the single wheel trailer, and I feel that as the wheels can swivel they take away any possibility of jack-knifing that would occur with a regular trailer.

The You Tube video of the trailer shows the set up.
This company also makes several sized trailers like this.

The double trailer hitch method makes the trailer very stable when being used. It will use the single hitch and two chains that are tightened to kepp a taught connection.

That hitches to the double hitches, as can be seen in the photo.  This one comes from and it is the model SL200E.

 Needless to say there are several manufacturers and several sizes or models of the swiveling wheeled trailer.
These two sizes would accomodate most any motorcycle.

Some vehicles would need to have some welding or holes drilled into the structure of the towing vehicle to accomodate the hitch set-up.