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Frame Style Trailer  

This handy trailer has a 90 inch trailer channel and a 60 inch ramp. It is a UMCT1GL model.

The trailer uses 6 eyebolts for securing the motorcycle to the trailer. You can buy tie down straps from the company as well.

This is a relatively sturdy trailer made from 4 sidedstructural steel tubing using a 2 inch by 2 inch frame.

 When you get the trailer shipped to you it needs some assembling.

There are a few options such as 8 inch or 12 inch tires and an upgraded suspension system.

I found this one at

  1. 90" long x 8" wide steel trailer channel with powder coat finish
  2. 60" long x 8" wide steel loading ramp channel with powder coat finish
  3. Galvanized finish on trailer body
  4. 480 x 8B 4 ply tires standard; 480x12B 4 ply tires optional
  5. Total dimensions 60" wide and 11' long
  6. 2 inch coupler and pre-wired trailer lights
  7. Adjustable tongue length (trailer can be shortened to 8 ft for vertical storage)
  8. Composite fenders with double safety chains
  9. 1200 lb carrying capacity
  10. 6 tie down lugs
  11. All 4-sided tubular construction, not 3-sided like other mail order trailers
  12. Made in the USA
  13. Optional upgrades and accessories available to customize trailer
  14. 15% restock fee for any returned items


  1. Larger sized tire for regular use or as a spare
  2. Small spare tire
  3. Wheel stand
  4. Jack Stand
  5. Mounting bracket for spare tire.
  6. Tie Down straps (choose)
  7. Hitch equipment