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Cruiser Lift

This is a great way to carry your motorcycle or scooter around with you while you are off exploring the world.

As you can see from the image the motorcycle is actually connected to the rear of this motorhome with a lift mechanism.

The whole rig cost just under $3,000 to set up and extras cost a bit more but are somewhat reasonable.

There are several manufacturers of lifts for motorcycles on the market but I am reviewing this one as it seems to be a very good product.

 If you have a Goldwing bike at around 850 - 920 lbs then only one bike should be added to the lift. If you have smaller bikes that weight under 500 lbs then you might be able to add a tray and carry both of them.

The bike tray has a clearance of 40 inches from the ground which is great for those situations where you are leaving a driveway and the dip is severe so that you might hit the bottom of your tray on the ground - 40 inches clears most of these.This is a set up that has a road dampening system on it.

One Thousand Pounds

This Cruiser lift can carry 1,000 pounds of weight. Most motorcycles would have no problem with the lift - you have to be careful about the vehicle that you are attaching it to.

It could be that your vehicle will not handle the weight requirements.

In that case there are alternatives on this website for other methods to carry a bike around without a jack-knifing trailer attached to your tow vehicle.

Loading the bike onto the lift is easy as it comes down to ground level and you simply roll the bike or ride the bike onto the lift tray and if you have a front wheel lock you will lock hte front wheel into the set up and then strap it in as required.

 It is a quick setup to use, and will allow you to take the bike off quickly enough to take a spin to the store instead of walking there.

In this third image you can see the bike on the lift with the kick-stand down - nice!

This system in particular does not use hydraulics. If they leak, the fluid would be messy.

Here are the state laws for trailering etc.